"Hello My Name is Simon Coulson...

8 years ago after redundancy at work, I stumbled upon what just has to be the easiest way to make money on the planet. In fact, I've banked an average of £2,910.96 EVERY DAY for the entire 8 years from home and without having to work hard for it at all. In other words, I've banked over £8.5 million POUNDS! Or to be more exact:-



And even though I'd NEVER done anything like this before … or even heard of this outrageously simple way to make money … IT'S WORKED EVERY TIME ... and always made a HUGE PROFIT!

To PROVE IT I'd be happy for you to not just check out my BANK STATEMENTS but I'll let you TEST MY SYSTEM out for yourself from your own home WITHOUT RISK and to do so:-


"Here I am in beautiful Barbados where I’m writing to you today. Yet my system has already made me over £4,000 for the day ... it’s a great way to make a living..."

Hello Again

Well as I said, my name is Simon Coulson ... I'm 40 years old and live in Kent. Though as you can probably tell from the photograph, I'm not in Kent at the moment. In fact, I'm writing this from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Barbados.

What I'm doing in the Caribbean, and how you can really easily be enjoying this kind of lifestyle too? Well that I'll tell you about in a moment. But first I'd like to make it very clear to you from the start that I'm just your regular British guy, other than the fact I suppose that 8 years ago after my redundancy from BT, I stumbled upon a very, very easy way to make money... which as far as I know no one has ever written about before.

Actually, when I discovered it I just couldn't believe it. In fact, I still can't believe how outrageously simple this is. You see what I stumbled upon was something which I just need to do a few times a week and which I simply repeat again and again each month ... yet the average returns I'm receiving from this … and for VIRTUALLY ZERO WORK … is in the region of almost £3,000 A DAY!


And by the way, it's 100% LEGAL … is almost 100% RISK FREE … and you can use it for the rest of your life to make money no matter where you are in the world…

Now before I tell you why I'm willing to send you this incredibly profitable system today WITHOUT YOU HAVING TO SEND ME SO MUCH AS A SOLITARY PENNY … and before I show you how to do it with virtually NO RISK whatsoever and with very little money needed to start it off … I think you'd appreciate it if I gave you some FACTS!

And I'm going to do this because I think you deserve to know right from the beginning that this is VERY DIFFERENT from anything you've probably seen before. For a start, I want you to see that I'm a REAL AND GENUINE person, which is why:-


I'll even let you see my ACTUAL bank deposits … Show you the kind of money I'm banking …

I'll show you where I live (my actual home) … and show you how easy it will be for you to run this from your own home…

And I can promise you that to make £1,000+ PER DAY from this system all you need to do is follow a few simple procedures at home which I'll show you.

In fact, why don't I show you these things now. Oh, and before I do I would just like to point out that I don't say what follows to look flash in any way. I'm only going to show you my bank statements, show you where I live and mention a little about my lifestyle to show you in concrete terms … based on FACT … that what I'm about to tell you is true. And of course to provide you with information which can be checked.

Ok, so let me make a start by first showing you where I was living the day I stumbled across a surprisingly easy way to make a lot of money working from home (sorry its not the best quality picture but I scanned it in from the estate agents details !)

Well 8 years ago, I was living in this house on a typical housing estate. In my case a small place near Gravesend in Kent called 'Vigo' if you know that area…

Nothing spectacular, just your average house in an average area. Not the worst house in the world no, but certainly not the best. I had a fair mortgage on it and though the outside looks ok, there were a lot of improvements to be done inside but I just never had the money to have them done.

Now this is the same House just 24 Months later. 24 months after I'd started using the system and had enough cash to have this major conversion done...

And YES, although the house looks entirely different I can promise you it is the same house. It was a major conversion where I added 2 new bedrooms (one with an en-suite), a kitchen breakfast room, a study…. I added a brand new 20 ft conservatory, designed a new bathroom, added a new dining room ... in fact, basically I added a new house upon a house!

But of course, it didn't stop there because from that little upstairs window on the right you can see in the photo above, I quickly went on to pull in over:-


Which Meant Just 36 Months after That Extension I Moved Into This HUGE £1,000,000.00 Farmhouse Barn Conversion in Rural Kent:-

Yep, its worth £1 MILLION POUNDS … and I bought it using money I'd made from my little system. And incidentally I did it WITHOUT even selling my old house.

A large place in the country was something that had always been a dream of mine since I was a kid though I never thought it would ever happen to someone like me. Actually when I think about it, it's even better than I dreamed.

This is my own beautiful lake...

It is a Huge Farmhouse Barn Conversion … in fact its has 4,500 sq ft of living space … 5 Bedrooms … its own GymSeveral Acres of LandTriple GarageOfficePrivate DriveStunning River Frontage … and its own Beautiful Lake.

I remember how amazed I felt the day I moved in. I had to pinch myself.

To think that just 36 months before I'd been a BT employee. Well actually I should say I was without a job because of the redundancy ... yet here I was walking into a MILLION POUND DREAM HOME - MY HOME! It was surreal especially because I made the money from something which is just so ludicrously simple.

In fact, I made so much money I was also able to buy:-

A Beautiful Villa in the Sun ... A Porsche Convertible ... And A Range Rover Sport..

"Imagine if this was your villa a year or so from today... it's the kind of thing you can buy from the money you can make from this system..."

And once again I bought the villa using cash I'd brought in from my little business. A wonderful property in the sun which even had its own private swimming pool.

As I did for the Porsche Convertible which I bought with the profits this system is making me each week. A car which I'd always wanted since I was a teenager.

Although I have to admit that actually having been driving it around for a few weeks the reality soon hit me that it was a tad impractical for the needs of myself and my family.

Which is why I went out and bought a nice new Range Rover Sport. And once again, I paid for it outright in CASH!

In fact, my life and that of my family has changed out of all recognition. Sometimes as I said, I have to pinch myself when I think back to just 8 years ago when I was out of work, sitting in my kitchen just staring out at the back garden wondering how I was going to manage.

And it's all thanks to this simple little way of making money I stumbled upon and the huge amounts of returns it has consistently brought me.

In Fact, How Would You Like To Be Banking Returns Like These:-


June 2011 - £139,341,87

July 2011 - £101,766.70

August 2011 - £140,958.60

September 2011 - £169,969.68

October 2011 - £166,575.74

November 2011 - £146,565.31

December 2011 - £122,654.84

And this kind of money has been coming in each time I've used the system. In fact:-


As I've mentioned, over the last 8 years it works out that I've banked an average of around £3,000 PER DAY!

OK Simon, Sounds Interesting, So How Did You Find Out About This?

"A familiar daily sight for me. Day after day after day I was stuck on the M25. Like my life I guess I was literally going nowhere…"

Well just a little over 8 years ago before my redundancy I was a very bored, frustrated individual who like millions of others was stuck in a job I just couldn't escape from. I'd been doing the same job since I'd left school at 18 and life was becoming ever more monotonous. I ended up having to attend lots and lots of pointless meetings, most days being stuck on the M25 for about 2 hours each way.

I was leaving home at 6am in the morning and not returning until 8pm at night.

This meant I hardly ever get to see my family and as for my passion, which by the way was playing music, well that was now becoming just a distant unfulfilled dream.

But like most people, even though I never liked my job and I would have loved to have spent less time working and more time with my family and pursuing my own hobby, I was kind of stuck.

With a mortgage to pay, credit card debts accumulating and a seemingly never ending stream of bills, I had no choice. I was well and truly embedded in life's rat-race. But then again, at least I could pay the bills and I wasn't broke or scared I was about to lose my home.

However, At The End Of 2003 My Life Was Suddenly Turned Completely Upside Down...

“I don’t know if you’ve ever been faced with redundancy but it can be a scary and worrying time in your life. Just having no idea what the hell you’re going to do with your life...”

Out of the blue the company I worked for (BT) suddenly announced mass redundancies. Now I may not have liked my job, but I had thought working for BT was a 'job for life'. I other words, I had security.

But just before Christmas 2003 that 'job security' was literally blown away. If you've been in a similar position you'll appreciate how I felt. Suddenly I had no money coming in and not a clue what I was going to do.

Of course I did have a little redundancy money, but after 14 years of service it wasn't exactly much. Just enough really to see myself and my family through a few months.

Which Is What Makes What Has Happened To Me Even More Remarkable...

“Quite simply it’s completely changed the lives of my family. Literally through running this business I have been able to pay off the credit cards and my mortgage and begin doing the things I wanted in life…”

Now I won't bother boring you with all the details of the next few weeks. Suffice to say that going into the start of 2004 I was a very, very worried man. However, my life completely changed when I stumbled upon something which I never even knew could be done. To be honest with you I was lucky. I wish I could tell you that I'd worked out some system of making money myself, but I didn't. I simply had a stroke of luck. I stumbled upon something very few members of the general public know about as far as making money from it goes.

And it happened when I met someone at one of the business seminars I'd been going along to in the hope of maybe doing something for myself. I thought maybe I could run some kind of franchise or something. Anyway, while at one particular seminar I met a guy who had made MILLIONS OF POUNDS from his home in the UK but who now spent a lot of time flying around the world thanks to the enormous profits he'd made.

As I said, I'm not going to waste time telling you everything that happened suffice to say that when he showed me what he did I had one of those rare light bulb moments ... you know… the sort of light bulb moment when you suddenly realise you have something different right here in your hands….

He Was Doing Something Very, Very Simple Without Working Hard As Such And Making Millions Of Pounds In The Process....

However, it occurred to me that there was an even easier way to use his system ... or I should say a QUICKER AND CHEAPER WAY WHICH WOULD CARRY VIRTUALLY ZERO RISKS.

Now I'll be frank, what I stumbled upon I wasn't 100% sure would work at first ... it just seemed too easy ... which is why I thought I must be missing something. Or maybe my idea couldn't be used in the way I wanted. You know, I felt that it was too good to be true. After all, I know this guy had made Millions of Pounds using the system, but surely he would have thought about my idea before? Or surely someone else had done it?

So here I was, kind of caught in two minds. I was really, really excited because if I could use this guy's system in the way I thought, I was sure I'd make a lot of money very quickly and without risking hardly any myself. However, on the other hand part of me was scared to find out just in case it didn't work. Which is why I did nothing for several weeks.

However, with no job on the horizon, money running out and still without a job I finally decided to test it out. The result?

Well it was extraordinary. In my first week I started making around £400 A DAY. No that's not a mistake, that's not £400 a week, but A DAY!

It was just ridiculous. I was making £400 A DAY for something I got ENTIRELY FREE.


I honestly couldn't believe it. I thought maybe I'd just been lucky. That it was a kind of one-off. So I tested it again .. and again ... and again. Each time it worked. In fact, so well that as you know to date it has bought me in an average of around ONE MILLION POUNDS A YEAR for the last 8 years!

Indeed, it has NEVER failed to produce profitable returns for me.

And its all done WITHOUT taking big risks … WITHOUT working hard for it … WITHOUT having to sell anything face-to-face or over the phone … WITHOUT the need for an office … and WITHOUT any special equipment or previous experience!

OK Simon, Sounds Great, So What Exactly Is This System?

Well because I'm going to be placing this in your trust COMPLETELY FREE within the NEXT 72 HOURS

…and because you'll be able to take a look at it and try it out yourself:-


… I'm NOT going to give you the precise details of just how this works to just anyone here in this letter. Besides, frankly everything is in the material and DVD's I'm going to arrange for you to be sent FREE anyway (more on what this kit contains in a moment).

However, at this point, to put your mind at rest just let me say a few things. Firstly, you'll need a simple computer with access to the Internet ….DON'T WORRY THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING LIKE EBAY OR ACTUALLY ANYTHING YOU THINK OF! You'll also need about 2 hours a day free, maybe 3 times a week to follow the formula.

But Other Than That, That's About It...

Oh, and by the way, I should also mention that just because I've mentioned the Internet, this has NOTHING to do with anything you would have read about before. It will be BRAND NEW for you. And certainly there is nothing in the least technical. Its not that kind of thing.

“Imagine how you’d feel too if like me even while taking it easy in Barbados and going diving for the day, my system had made me over £4,000 before breakfast....”

Simply having access to the Internet allows you to do everything much faster and virtually entirely without risk. And enables you to open an ONLINE ACCOUNT WHERE YOUR PROFITS WILL BE PAID INTO (I'll show you which account etc). You'll see what I mean when I send you the kit this week for you to try out. And as I said earlier:-

It's 100% LEGAL … is almost 100% RISK FREE … and you can use it for the rest of your life to make money no matter where you are in the world…

All you do is just follow the formula … that's all I do myself. Wake up in the morning, switch your PC on, do what I tell you which involves a few very simple checks and procedures … and like me you can come back to your PC later in the day and collect the money (well see its been deposited into your online account).

Oh yes, and one other thing, you might like to know it involves:-

NO selling over the phone … NO face-to-face meetings … NO personal contact … NO staff … NO office … and NO hard work…

The system really does run itself when activated as it is entirely automated. In fact, today is a perfect example of this. At the moment as I mentioned, I'm relaxing on holiday in Barbados, and even though I'm thousands of miles away from the UK, today I've probably made over £4,000 before breakfast.


And The Kind Of Lifestyle I Know I Can Help You To Achieve...

Certainly if I can do it, you can. As I said, I knew nothing about this 8 years ago … I was just a redundant BT employee who'd never even heard of it in fact, but its still enabled me to bank Millions of pounds.

Ok Simon, all sounds very interesting but why are you willing to tell me about it?


Well there are two reasons really. The first is that ever since I was a young lad my main hobby, my passion if you like, has been music. If you recall I briefly mentioned this earlier. By the way, the system I'm using to bank Millions has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the music business or connected with music in any way. I'm just pointing this out as my passion is the main reason I've decided to let others test this system out.

You see for a few years I've been in various bands playing mainly in my own local area. Just for the record, some of the bands I played for during the mid 90's included In The Red who mainly played around the Gravesend area of Kent where I'm from. I was then in a band called The Cold Tuesday's based around Tonbridge also in Kent whilst in the late 90's I played keyboard for the East Anglian band, Ouija. In the early 2000's I played keyboards for Welsh singer songwriter Julia Jones, and I was also in a Gravesend duo called High and Dry.

Of course, I don't expect you've ever heard of any of these small local bands. I just point them out to get across to you just how important music is to me.

The problem was myself and the band would be lucky to make even £100 between us, from a gig which by the time you take travelling costs and 'beer money', into account, meant it was basically just for fun.

Which is why I ended up being stuck in a job I hated. A job I ended up being stuck in for 14 years as you know. And why I hardly ever got to do what I wanted to do.

However, since I stumbled upon the system I've been talking to you about, my life as you know has changed dramatically.

Because it virtually runs itself ... only takes me now about 3 hours a week to do now ... and because I average thousands of pounds a week from it ... actually a day ... it has given me the opportunity to really do what I've been wanting to do for years and that was to form a tribute band and play not just in local pubs but in some of the biggest venues in the country in front of thousands of people.

In fact, I am the lead singer and keyboard player in a band called 'Coolplay' which is the UK's number one tribute band to 'Coldplay'. Its enabled me to really live my passion. I've played in venues as large as the O2 Arena in London, and even got to play in front of 35,000 people at Hylands Park Chelmsford. I've been paid up to £2,000 a gig which is a nice bonus (and a far cry from the £100 we used to get between all of us). I've even been featured in the national press (including the biggest circulating paper, The Sun) .. been on radio stations such as Radio 1 ... and have featured in the national music press such as NME and BANG.

“I believe the most important thing in your life is not the money but living the life YOU want to live … its about lifestyle and doing the things which make you happy…”

Now the reason I point all this out is because I want you to realise that I think to have a truly happy life, its not just about the money and the 'things' you can buy.

Not just about the MILLION POUND HOME ... the Luxury Cars ... the Exotic Holidays ... the Fine Clothes ... the huge incomes etc.

When it all comes down to it, its about lifestyle. The lifestyle we each want as an individual. The one personal to us that will make us happy.

In my case its allowed me to follow my music passion ... to follow my own particular dream.

Which is why I have no desire to sit at home and spend any more time other than the few hours a week I do running the system.

Yes Of Course I Could Make More Money If I Stopped The Music, But Its Just Not For Me...

I'm more than happy with the money I make using the system about 3 or 4 hours a week which I expect to bank another £500,000 to £1,000,000 this year … and that's good enough for me thank you very much.

“Life goes so fast and what we really only have is memories. Precious memories with those we love. But if we’re too busy working, surviving, they’ll be no time left to create those moments. They’ll be lost forever…”

However, over the past few months I have found myself having to spend more and more time showing other people how I make my money. Teaching them how to work the system. Yes, I know I should say no but the problem is I always end up saying yes.

Now whilst its been great for them ... like a friend of mine Richard, a former fireman, who had never done anything like this before either, yet is already up to £30,000 A MONTH in his spare time ... for me it wasn't so great. It began to take up more and more of my time and I ended up having to turn down gigs I'd love to have played. I ended up doing the one thing I promised I would never do again, and that's something other than my real passion in life which of course is music.

Its not that its difficult ... as I said, this has to be the easiest way to make money in existence and you don't have to exactly be the brains of Britain to do it either. However, I found I was wasting hours teaching this to individuals.

So a few weeks ago I decided to instead write the entire system down step by step. A kind of 'idiot-proof' guide so all anyone needed to do was just follow the exact steps. In addition, to make it even easier to follow I actually sat down and filmed the entire process so you can not just read about how this works, you can see it in front of you.

Okay Simon, But Won't Handing This System Over To Me And Allowing Me To Copy It Affect How Much You Make?

Well if you knew how the system actually worked you wouldn't even ask that because the answer is an unequivocal NO!!

As I said, I could now stop following my passion … my music … and instead go after more money but what would really be the point?

Life is, as I said, to be lived … to be enjoyed. This is about living a life which makes us HAPPY as individuals … and as a family.

“There’s nothing better than just relaxing in your garden on a warm summer’s day, pressing a few buttons on your laptop and making money...”

I've got the lifestyle … I've got the £1,000,000 luxury home … the dream car … the holidays whenever I want.

In fact I have also been able to enrol on a two year music production course at a top London recording studio, recently – all because of the financial freedom this business has brought me.

And most of all, I'm now devoting most of my free time to my band.

And that's enough for me.

Besides, as I said, it doesn't matter how many individuals followed this system because the reality is it wouldn't affect my own profits. It's a bit like the stock market. There are lots of individuals making a great deal of money though there are millions of people playing the 'stock game'. And of course, it's the ones that follow a successful system who are raking in all the profits.

It's no different with what I do. No, it has nothing to do with the stock market or in fact anything else you'll have thought of or considered, but I basically am averaging almost £3,000 PER DAY because I have a formula which brings CONSISTENT RETURNS AND HAS NEVER FAILED ... NOT EVEN ONCE.

All I do is repeat that same formula again and again and again. Simple!

So How Do I Get Hold Of A Copy Of Your System Simon And How Do I Get To Look At It Free?

Well as I said I have written down the entire formula and explained how it works so that virtually anyone can follow it to make VERY, VERY GOOD WEEKLY PROFITS from the MINIMUM OF EFFORT ... for VERY LITTLE MONEY ... and at VIRTUALLY ZERO RISK!

In addition I've also demonstrated it all on DVD. Not, as I said that the formula is difficult in any shape or form, but I really wanted to do it in such a way so you can copy exactly what I do. I didn't want you to have any questions about how this works. Though saying this, as a back-up I will of course GIVE YOU MY PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS and contact details should you want me to help in any way.

And EVERYTHING is included in I suppose what you could call a home course, which I've titled – ''The Internet Cashflow Daily Profit System – The Simple Way To Make £1,000+ A DAY From Home...”

Sorry about the title, but I'm no writer and it's the best I could come up with. Anyway, as I said, to make it really easy so you can make good profits on a consistent basis one step at a time I've laid down my system instructions in 12 easy to read step-by-step modules. That way you can begin making money from month 1 which I think will give you a great deal of confidence that THIS REALLY DOES WORK!

And I'd like to send you the entire start-up kit in Month 1 to enable you to do this as I said:-


A kit which includes:-

System Part 1:-

The Internet CashFlow Daily Profit System:- 'How To Make £1,000+ Per Day From Home!'

In your FREE PREVIEW START-UP KIT you'll receive the first part of my system. Here I'll explain exactly what this system is ... how it operates ... how it makes money ... and what you need to do to begin making DAILY PROFITS yourself.

I will also reveal a 'secret' I use which KEEPS PROFITS REPEATING AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

I will then take you through the different ways I use the internet to make several easy streams of income and show you REAL LIFE EXAMPLES, which you can use even if you are just starting out to develop your own products and ideas

Remember, its 100% LEGAL … is ALMOST 100% RISK FREE … and you can use it for the rest of your life to make money no matter where you are in the world…



How To Automate Your Internet CashFlow Daily Profit System CD…

I'm also including a CD which provides you with a step-by-step guide to the system that I use to automate my internet business so it runs itself.

The automation system that I will show you how to use has enabled me to grow my profits RAPIDLY by making use of the internet ... and do it on AUTOPILOT! I'll show you how to do EXACTLY the same.

In fact, with this system all the manual processes are virtually eliminated as they can now be carried out by using the Internet not just AUTOMATICALLY, but much, much QUICKER!

Which means you can literally make money while you sleep and more importantly allows you more free time to live the kind of life you really want to.

This is what I do which is why I'm able to do things like go to BARBADOS and enjoy life while making money automatically back in the UK … the system running itself.

That's also why you can wake up in the morning, switch your PC on, follow a few very simple procedures … and check in on your PC later in the day and collect the money (well see its been deposited into your online account).



Internet CashFlow Daily Profit System "How To Get Started" Guide…

I've also written a 'How To Get Started Guide' specifically covering the steps you need to take to get your Daily Profit System started because the most important aspect is taking action.

This way you don't have to read the entire system in detail before you begin you can actually START SETTING IT UP WITHIN A FEW DAYS OF RECEIVING THE KIT!

Indeed, in your 'How To Get Started Guide' I will also show you how to get virtually all of the system set up and ready to make profits ENTIRELY FREE!

And remember, there's NOTHING difficult about setting this up in the slightest. You certainly DON'T need any technical skills or experience. If you can use a mouse and click on a few links, you can do this easily. Actually you will be shocked at how easy it is.

Don't forget either that there is NO selling over the phone either … NO face-to-face meetings … NO personal contact … NO staff … NO office … and NO hard work…

In fact, I'll show you how to get your system live on the internet in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES !



Start Your Own Internet Cashflow Daily Profit System "How To Get Started DVD…"

To help you even further everything covered in the 'How To Get Started Guide' has been filmed and recorded onto DVD.

You will actually see FIRST HAND how you can easily use the methods and techniques I teach in the guide and then apply them by following exactly what I do on the DVD.

It will be like I'm in the room with you leading you one step at a time and bringing the whole system live in front of you.

You'll see the whole thing in operation in vibrant colour with the advantage of being able to PAUSE, PLAY AND COPY ME AT YOUR OWN SPEED!



Internet CashFlow Daily Profit System Quick Start DVD…

I've put together this second DVD so you can get started REALLY, REALLY QUICKLY!

Whilst the first DVD will show you the system in its entirety and how it operates, this Quick-Start DVD will show you the things you need to do right now to actually get the system into operation that day.

Everything will be right there in front of you for you to see rather than just reading about the steps or listening to them on CD. Here you'll see me LIVE ON YOUR TV SCREEN in your home taking you through the quick way for you to begin TESTING this out and PROVING to yourself that this really does work.




Internet CashFlow Daily Profit System QuickStart Guide…

Once again as with the previous DVD, with the Quick-Start DVD I'm also including the FULL WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS so you can watch the DVD, see how it's done and then switch on your PC or laptop and keep the guide by your keyboard.

I've done this because I realise that sometimes, though its easier to watch how something is done, it can be more convenient when actually setting the system up to have the written instructions by your side rather than keep pausing, playing and rewinding a DVD.

In addition this is a guide you can take with you anywhere especially if you want to start RUNNING MULTIPLE COPIES OF THIS SYSTEM. So whether you're sitting on a train, skimming over the waves in a boat or flying across the Atlantic, its handy to have a written step-by-step guide to remind yourself exactly what to do the second you get to a computer or laptop.



Internet CashFlow Daily Profit System Live Workshop…

Finally I'm also including a LIVE RECORDING of a major seminar I was invited to recently in order to chat about my life ... how I found the system ... the kind of lifestyle I enjoy ... and the returns I'm making.

Actually, basically I suppose everything I've talked about in this letter but that YOU'LL SEE ON YOUR TV IN YOUR OWN HOME!

Plus YOU'LL EVEN SEE ME SINGING AND PLAYING THE KEYBOARDS with my band Coolplay on stage in front of around 8,000 people.

Once again, I'm not pointing this out to sound flash in any way, but I want you to actually see with your own eyes that I am a REAL PERSON ... Simon Coulson is my REAL NAME ... I'm 100% GENUINE...

That I REALLY have banked well over £8.5 million POUNDS...

That I REALLY do make thousands of pounds using my system even while enjoying the sunshine, the beautiful warm turquoise ocean, warm sea breezes and soft powdered white sands in places like here in Barbados.

That I REALLY have bought my own Private Villa in the sun complete with its own swimming pool…

That I REALLY do now live in a beautiful 4,500 SQ FT CONVERTED FARMHOUSE BARN worth £1,000,000 complete with Several Acres of land … its own river frontage … private drive … and Private Lake…

In short, that I REALLY am living my dream every day. As I said to give you CONCRETE PROOF which I hope you'll not only appreciate, but which you'll also realise how much your life can change too over the next couple of years.



My Personal Live Assistance...

You'll have direct access to me via my private email address. Now the system is outrageously simple to set up and run, especially so as I've really covered everything in each system part and on the DVD's and guides. In fact, a 10 year old could follow it with ease.

However, I do realise that no matter how easy something is most people like a REAL person to contact should they wish to ask something.

Now I think I've covered everything but just in case I haven't I'm happy for you to contact me direct to my private email address.

This way you can keep in touch with me wherever I may be in the world so I can help you with any aspect of the Internet Cashflow Daily Profit System.

So If I've Arranged To Send You All This COMPLETELY FREE...

That's My Private System … The Written Instructions … DVD Demonstrations ... And All The Other BONUSES…

I Guess You're Wondering What I Would Want In Return?

Well I think you'll be very pleased … in fact, I think YOU'LL BE PLEASANTLY SHOCKED. You see:-

Instead I will send you this entire start-up kit, “Internet Cashflow Daily Profit System – How To Make £1,000+ A Day From Home…”, and place it in your trust so you can test it at home this month:


And I Can Send You ALL This … The ENTIRE Internet Cashflow Fast Start-up Kit … Direct To Your Home Within The NEXT 48 HOURS...

This way for the next 4 WEEKS you can simply RELAX … put your feet up … study it at homewatch the DVD's (which remember feature the system in operation live) … go through the rest of the materials and my income examples … listen to video testimonials of other ordinary individuals I've helped to do this..

In fact, you can even try it out yourself … give it a dummy run if you want…

... then … and ONLY then … with all this information in your hands you can make the decision yourself as to whether you want to copy the system or not.

If you do and you see how exciting this is and precisely how it works in practice, then I'm sure you'll be happy to pay me a nominal £27 (+postage and packing) for the start-up kit. And remember, this is ONLY if you're happy and ONLY AFTER you've had a chance to study it all from your home.

Then if you'd also like the rest of the system course and want my guidance I'll be happy to release the next 11 parts of the course for just £27 PER MONTH (+postage and packing).


If however you decide not to continue after you've reviewed the trial package … for whatever reason … you can simply cancel the order and you won't owe anyone a penny.


Its your decision entirely. In fact, even within the 4 week free trial if you really feel it's not for you and you don't want to continue, even then:-


You Can KEEP All This FREE:-


However, if you decide you want to make a great living using this system then you don't have to do another thing. You'll automatically receive the next stage each month as I show you how to make bigger and bigger daily profits each month.

And once again you are under NO OBLIGATION, you can stop in Month 2 if you like if you feel you simply want to use the parts of the formula covered and reached the level of income you particularly want.

But even if you decide to enjoy the entire course and work with me on the system following what I do for the next 12 months I'm sure you'll agree that £27 per month for the EXACT same system I PERSONALLY USE EVERY DAY and which remember has enabled me to deposit an average of nearly £3,000 PER DAY ... or to be more exact:-


...is incredible value which, remember, works out at LESS than HALF the cost of a small latte or cappuccino a day you'd get in Starbucks, Costas or Café Nero etc..

Which brings me to the point I guess where you have to now make a decision … a decision which at the end of the day boils down to your answer to these questions:-

Do You Want To Become A Millionaire And Have The Lifestyle To Match?

Or Do You Want To Remain Exactly As You Are?

“I can tell you enjoying a sunset cruise off the west cost of Barbados certainly beats being stuck on the M25 for a couple of hours...”

To be quite honest, your decision should be easy. Not just because what you'll be sent THIS WEEK will convince you beyond any shadow of a doubt that YOU CAN MAKE AN INCOME OF SEVERAL THOUSAND POUNDS A WEEK doing something that really does only take a couple of hours a day a few days a week to do…

…something which is FUN … and something which can provide you with a lot of FREE TIME to enjoy the lifestyle YOU want for yourself and your family!

But that decision should also be very easy to make because:-


And of course, as I mentioned, even if you decide this is not for you or that you have enough information in the preview trial package to use the system, you can still KEEP the entire start-up kit. In other words:-


And If You Are Still Unsure Just Remember Some Of The FACTS!!

This system which I stumbled upon 8 years ago after my redundancy from BT has totally changed the life of myself, my family and my friends. And even though I'd never done anything like this before ... knew nothing about it before ... never even heard of it before in fact ... I HAVE BANKED MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF POUNDS by simply repeating the same 'formula' again and again and again.

And its all been done…

WITHOUT taking risks … WITHOUT working too hard for it … WITHOUT having to deal or speak to anyone … WITHOUT having to sell anything face-to-face or over the phone … WITHOUT the need for an office etc..

Indeed, as I said, this system has NEVER FAILED, NOT EVEN ONCE, TO MAKE A PROFIT!

You can run this system no matter where you are in the world. No matter where you want to live. All you need is an internet connection. Just think what that could mean to you. The beach could literally be your ‘office’ ;-)

It's worked EVERY TIME I've used it … the results … the returns are just remarkably consistent and have even worked just as well even in the deepest part of the recession. And as I say, all I basically do is follow some very simple instructions.

As I said at the start, when I discovered it I just couldn't believe it. In fact, I still can't believe how outrageously simple it is. And remember:-

It's 100% LEGAL … is almost 100% RISK FREE … and you can use it for the rest of your life to make money no matter where you are in the world…

All you do is just follow the formula … that's all I do myself. Wake up in the morning, switch your PC on, do what I tell you which involves a few very simple checks and procedures … and like me you can come back to your PC later in the day and collect the money (well see its been deposited into your online account).

Bottom Line?

This works … remember, the deposits of mine I mentioned earlier are actual returns the system has enabled me to make.

June 2011 - £139,341,87

July 2011 - £101,766.70

August 2011 - £140,958.60

September 2011 - £169,969.68

October 2011 - £166,575.74

November 2011 - £146,565.31

December 2011 - £122,654.84

...they are not some figment of my imagination. But REAL figures. And it can work for you too and certainly provide you with the most incredible lifestyle you could possibly imagine.

Think about it! Wouldn't you rather be in Barbados for example right now enjoying the sun and relaxing by the beach than actually 'working' ? Having spent 14 years myself stuck in a job I didn't like ... being stuck on the M25 for 4 hours a day ... I know what life I prefer. Believe me, watching the yachts go by in the Caribbean is much better ;-)

So STOP DREAMING Right Now And Just Give It A Try...

I hope that doesn't sound too blunt but you and I both know that most people talk about wanting lots of money and the good life … they keep buying opportunity after opportunity … year after year after year.

Yet they either DO NOTHING with a single one of them or they just try something half-heartedly.

“What kind of lifestyle do you want? Really think about it because whatever it is you can make it a reality. What would you do? Where would you go if you were also banking

But look, as harsh as it may sound … the reality is if you continue wasting your time away like this you'll NEVER achieve any of the things you desire.

Life will pass you by … all the things you want to at least experience will have passed you by. But it doesn't have to be like this, you can do something about it right now.

And when it DOESN'T COST YOU A SINGLE PENNY to do that, that decision becomes easy.

Because All You Need To Do Is…

Complete the form WITHIN 48 HOURS:-



To claim your FREE trial package





Finally Let Me Just Say One Last Thing…

Remember, nothing I have said in this letter has been intended to impress you. Please understand, the ONLY reason I've mentioned any of my own successes is simply because I just felt you deserved to see the PROOF first so you have figures you can actually go out and check if you wish. So you could see what this can mean in real and concrete terms.

I hope you have found this letter refreshing. And I hope you'll realise that I am a REAL person...

Simon Coulson IS my real name ... I originally come from a town called Gravesend in Kent ... and now live in the beautiful Kent countryside ... I used to work for BT etc...

And I wanted to be so open because I don't think people are today. There is so much rubbish out there.

In fact, very few in this day and age bothers to go to the trouble of actually letting you take a look at their private life? Showing you what's in their bank accounts … or even tell you how much they've paid for some of their personal and private possessions?

I Have Been Able To Do So Because The FACT Is This Really DOES Work ... And Works Like A Dream...

I REALLY have banked OVER £8.5 million POUNDS in the last 8 years ... which has provided my family and me with an incredible lifestyle...

These REALLY are some of my ACTUAL BANK DEPOSITS ... returns which are coming in AUTOMATICALLY from this outrageously simple system.

October 2011 - £166,575.74November 2011 - £146,565.31 December 2011 - £122,654.82

These REALLY are some of my ACTUAL BANK STATEMENTS from dates chosen at random:-

NAT WEST:- July - £188,179.35; Aug - £ 74,179.66; Oct- £213,966.00; Nov - £120,810.08; Dec - £80,824.98 BARCLAYS ACCOUNTS:- 11th July-23rd July - £102,200.00; 1st Sept – 13th Sept - £60,792.71; 15th July – 15th August - £237,522.00 (account 2)

I REALLY am making thousands of pounds using my system while enjoying the sunshine, the beautiful warm turquoise ocean, warm sea breezes and soft powdered white sands here in Barbados.
I REALLY have bought my own Private Villa in the sun complete with its own swimming pool…
I REALLY do now live in a beautiful 4,500 SQ FT CONVERTED FARMHOUSE BARN complete with Several Acres of land … its own river frontage … private drive … and Private Lake
It REALLY is worth around £1,000,000.00 … and did so without even having to sell my previous home…
I REALLY did buy a Porsche Convertible and Range Rover Sport FOR CASH
I REALLY did PAY OFF … my credit cards… my Egg card, my MBNA card etcEVERYTHING
I REALLY do go on 5 Star Exotic Holidays … such as the Caribbean which is one of my favourite destinations … and can do so whenever I want as many times as I want…
I REALLY am living my dream every day. Making so much money from this simple system … especially as it only takes an hour or two a day to 'work' … has enabled me to follow my own passion. In my case Music … playing the keyboards and being the lead singer of the UK's No1 ColdPlay Tribute Band ..

In short, I hope you appreciate that I am 100% GENUINE with a REAL story and now within the next 48 hours you have a wonderful opportunity to learn something which can totally change your own life too.

Now let me show you how to do the same for yourself and show you the quickest way for you to amass your own personal fortune

...and without even having to work hard for it.

Finally, I genuinely and wholeheartedly would like to THANK YOU for taking the time to read my letter. I've tried to give you as much information to help you make a decision as I could including a glimpse into the private lives of myself and my family so you can appreciate that despite the financial success we enjoy, we are just a normal genuine typical British family.

But most of all I really do hope you at least decide to take a closer look at the system by sending away for your Free No Risk Trial Pack. However, whatever you decide to do, I'd just like to wish you the best that life can bring you. Have a great journey.

Kind regards
Simon Coulson's signature
Simon Coulson

PS Remember, THIS WON'T COST YOU A PENNY …you'll have the Internet CashFlow Daily Profit System Start-Up Kit & Instructions in your hands WITHOUT having spent anything at all. In other words, THERE ARE ZERO RISKS!!

PPS Finally, please remember you have NOTHING TO LOSE. In fact, you can ONLY GAIN. Even if you decide after studying this material you don't want to copy my system you still get to KEEP all this with my compliments … AND IT WOULDN'T HAVE COST YOU EVEN 1p.

Complete the form WITHIN 48 HOURS:-



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